Spare parts and test equipment for diesel fuel injection system
Spare parts for diesel fuel injection system

KDIESEL S.r.l. has a guiding principle: to have the courage of calling into question the ordinary, for the creation of surprising products and a level of unrivalled quality, with a technology that leads directly to the future.

Born on January 2008, for a better organization and to ensure an excellent service to all our customers, our new company KDIESEL S.r.l. will operate with the MONEA brand as well as with many others.

Established in 1969 KDIESEL S.r.l. is a manufacturing company specializing in the production and sales of diesel Fuel Injection system spare parts. We have recently expanded into supplying global Aftermarkets with specialist diesel F. I. test equipment for traditional systems and now all Common Rail and UIS/PLD systems.

Our test equipment is truly an "All Makes" system. We are able to test systems from: Bosch, Delphi, Siemens, Denso, Caterpillar, Cummins, etc.

Furthermore, we can supply spare parts, tools for controlling, assembling, testing and calibrating for Diesel F. I. pumps.

Additionally we are able to offer Diesel F. I. training courses for different skill levels. Our main objective is to provide to diesel specialists, the indispensable know-how which is a necessary requirement to handle the new high technology electronic systems.

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