KDIESEL S.r.l. manufactures its Test Benches and Equipment with parts and components that are new according to industry standard.

The warranty rules are valid only if the Test Bench and / or Equipment is used in the conditions of intended use.

Any complaints about the goods must reach us in writing within 8 days of receipt of the goods by the Customer under penalty of forfeiture of any right, and must contain the detailed list of ruin or defects, the number of pieces on which they have been found, the methods by which the checks were carried out, the batch number and any useful element to allow the manufacturer to identify the exact Product being claimed.

With the exception of the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance interventions described in section MAINTENANCE (where present) and carried out with the indicated procedures, any repair or modification made to the Test Bench and / or Equipment by the Customer or by unauthorized companies by KDiesel, determines the invalidation of the warranty. The warranty does not extend to damage caused by inexperience or negligence in the use of the Test Bench and / or Equipment, or by bad or omitted maintenance. The use of unauthorized hardware and software (where present) implies an alteration of our products and therefore the exclusion of any liability and warranty, even if in the meantime the hardware or software has been removed or cancelled.

No changes can be made on our products! Our products can only be used with KDIESEL accessories and spare parts. Otherwise, warranty is void. Our Product can only be used with operating systems authorized by KDIESEL. The use of an operating system other than the authorized void our guarantee obligation. Furthermore, we are not liable for direct and indirect damages caused by the use of an unauthorized operating system. It is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure that any accessories supplied by third parties (e.g., modem or network card), installed on the machine by the Customer or at his request, are compatible with the Product and do not degrade the correct one operation.

For Test Benches and Equipment all warranties are limited to the use of the Product with the software installed as supplied and explicitly exclude proper operation or any interaction between the Product software and any software and / or hardware provided by third parties and installed on the machine. The installation of third-party software can be considered as abuse of the Product. Similarly, it is essential that the Product is used correctly and in accordance with the instructions in the manual and the messages shown on the display. Failure to comply with the requirements mentioned so far can be treated as abuse.

The product you purchased is guaranteed under the following conditions:

  1. The warranty is valid for a period of twelve (12) months.
  2. The manufacturing company undertakes to replace the malfunctioning or incorrect parts at its discretion, only after careful control and verification of bad construction.
  3. Transport costs for returns to the manufacturer are always paid by the buyer.
  4. It is necessary to ship the defective component or part in the original packaging or equivalent to it; with shipping costs charged to the Customer and to issue an insurance for the shipment or to accept the risk of loss or damage during the shipment.
  5. The shipping costs for the return will be borne by the manufacturer only for the defective component or part repaired or replaced under warranty.
  6. During the warranty period, the replaced products become the property of the manufacturer.
  7. Only the original purchaser who has respected the normal indications can benefit from this guarantee maintenance contained in the manual. Our liability for the guarantee expires when the original owner transfers ownership of the product, or changes have been made to it.
  8. The warranty does not include damages resulting from excessive stress such as the use of the product after the finding of an anomaly, the use of inadequate operating methods as well as failure to do so observance of the instructions for use and maintenance.
  9. Repair or replacement of one or more components does not extend the warranty of the Product. The warranty for replaced or repaired components is valid for 6 months from the delivery date.
  10. The manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any difficulties that may arise in the resale or in use abroad due to the provisions in force in the country where the product was sold.
  11. The defective product or part of the product must be delivered to the manufacturer for replacement; in case otherwise the replaced part will be charged to the buyer.
  12. In particular, the following aspects are excluded from any express or implied warranty of the machine:
    – damage caused by a poor-quality power supply that is not compliant with what is stated in the technical specifications;
    – wear and damage to the protective cover of the touch screen monitor, unless resulting from factory defects or processing;
    – damage to the pc / monitor, for example due to the infiltration of oil or dirt.
    – damage to the printer resulting from the infiltration of dirty workshop oil or other type of abuse.
  13. The warranty only covers defective parts and their replacement / repair, without any compensation for any damage caused by them or standstill production.

Notice: to use the guarantee, please indicate the following data:

1 Product model and Serial number
2 Purchase date (presentation of the purchase document)
3 Detailed descriptions of the problem



The warranty does not cover machine downtime, production failure and / or anything else.


The return of the Products, subject of a complaint, will not be accepted by KDiesel, unless it has been previously authorized by it in writing by issuing a “Return Authorization” (MRR). The return form (MRR) can be downloaded and / or consulted on the appropriate page of your MySpace or must be requested by email at support@kdiesel.it .

Goods must be complete, in their original packaging and in a saleable condition, with no dirty or greasy marks, or transport or packing tape damage. Please pack goods to be returned using a similar method to that used when goods were dispatched to you. Goods must include all instructions/paperwork originally supplied.

All goods returned to KDiesel will be subject to a 20% handling restocking fee.

  • Goods will not be accepted for credit for any of the following reasons:
  • Goods returned after 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Goods returned without an MRR.
  • Goods returned without original invoice details.
  • Goods that were Specially Procured for you.
  • Goods that have been fitted, used, altered or damaged in any way.
  • Goods where plastic shrink wrap / blister packaging has been opened.

The regulatory language of these Terms of Guarantee is Italian, despite any translation into another language. In the event of a discrepancy between the Italian text and the translated text, the Parties agree that the Italian text will prevail and that it will be the official document used to interpret these Terms of Guarantee.


This version replaces any previous version. V/25.10.2021